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You need extra smooth, fine grained paper to create excellent stamped images.
Our matte paper is as smooth as silk with no loose fibers to cause feathering.
The finish on our glossy paper will allow your ink to dry quickly without bleeding
and will not fade. We sell four different sizes: ATC, Postcard, Half Sheet and Full
Sheets all attractively priced. Treat yourself to quality STAMPLAND PAPER for
results that always delight.
Gloss Full Sheets(25)- $10.00

Matte Full Sheets(25)- $10.00

Gloss Half Sheet(50)- $10.00

Matte Half Sheet(50)- $10.00

Gloss Post Cards (100)- $10.00

Matte Post Cards (100)- $10.00

Gloss ATC Cards (100)- $5.00

Matte ATC Cards (100)- $5.00

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